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给女朋友讲又甜又撩的小故事.欧美肥老太牲交大战.亚洲人成色黄网站 Morris Transparent Box

Custom Boxes, Cylinders, Folding Boxes and Sleeves to fit your products

We have the largest facility in the US to produce custom boxes and cylinders to fit your products.

Established 1958

Celebrating 63 years of plastic packaging, made in the USA.
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Transparent and Plastic Boxes Proudly made in the USA with American made materials.给女朋友讲又甜又撩的小故事.欧美肥老太牲交大战.亚洲人成色黄网站

Two-Piece Custom Boxes

Custom boxes can be made in various sizes according to your needs. Minimum orders for custom sizes are generally 1,000. Boxes can be printed or screened with logo and graphics, minimum order for graphics is 1,000.
Our facility is capable of producing one piece folding boxes in quantities of 5,000 or more. They are shipped flat and require some assembly. There is a one time tooling charge for these boxes.

Transparent Cylinders

Cylinders can be made various lengths up to 20" long. Minimum for custom cylinder orders is 5,000. Please contact us for more information regarding our stock and custom cylinders. bt鏈€浣崇鍔涙悳绱㈠紩鎿庡惂,浠栦技鐏皬璇?鍥涜檸缃戝潃
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Triangle Folding Box Image

Triangle Folding Box

Pop Up Folding Bow Box Image

Pop Up Folding Bow Box

Square Tubes With End Caps Image

给女朋友讲又甜又撩的小故事.欧美肥老太牲交大战.亚洲人成色黄网站Square Tubes With End Caps

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Square Tube With End Caps Image

Square Tube With End Caps